You Can Download Birth Certificate from Online Portal

Birth is now a mandatory document for everything. They can do things for the birth certificate right now from the hospital where all the babies are born. But the facility had never existed before. Therefore, most of us do not have this certificate. Obtaining this certificate may not be from our existing panchayats or municipalities. Because if we are born in a hospital, then the panchayat and the municipality where the place was born would be different. Therefore, we get the birth certificate from the municipality or the panchayat at the time of our birth.

We usually do this by submitting our application in Akshaya. So today, how to apply for a birth certificate online. For that, log on to of the Government of Kerala itself. If you are logged in to the website you can see the link “E-Services” at the top right of the window and click on the “Civil Registration Certificate” option. Then we will visit the website of the Government of Kerala itself,

Click on the Certificate Search column. In the next window, type our district, municipality, and location and submit. You can select the year of birth on the following screen. Now we will get a window with the Birth Registration Form, in which you type the child’s name, date of birth, gender, mother’s name, and father’s name and then click the search button at the bottom. If you do this, the registration for the berth certificate will be complete.

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