How to Stop Feeling Guilty and Move on From The Past?

What is Guilt

Human beings are not perfect.  Being a human, we are living in a society and it is quite natural that we have to be associated with many people from all walks of life. Because we can’t live alone in society.  Our society has its own rules and regulations.  Being a part of it we should abide by these rules and regulations. Violation of this norms is usually known as guilt.  Sense of guilt is the state of having committed an offence. A guilt feeling usually has after doing the wrong thing.  Our moral code directly related to our sense of guilt. We can see that guilt are never be bad always because sometimes it is even productive too.

How to stop feeling guilty and moving on from the past

We are humans and we do make mistakes in life very often.  So whatever faults or mishaps that happen in life are turning points or stepping stones in life.   The past is the past, the future is uncertain, but we have the present with us.  So we should learn how to live in our present.  For which, firstly to stop feeling guilty of the past events forever.  If feasible take a firm decision to avoid similar events. We have to learn from the mistakes and pick ourselves up again and move forward with a positive mind to change for the better. 

A self-assessment to be done every day.  Before going to sleep, rewind the things that happened on that day.  If you assess yourself impartially; then this will be a great help to you move out of from the past. 

If you are not willing to come out from the past, then that means you are living with your comfort zone.  Beware, this is the high time to break the comfort zone.  Thousand miles journey starts with a single step; so you need a sincere single attempt is good enough to break the comfort zone.  Best of luck.

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