How to Fix a Broken Marriage and Save Your Relationship

The causes of marriage failures

Marital disorder leads to divorce and the divorce cases are increasing day by day.  Hence this is the high time to examine the real causes of this dilemma.  On scrutiny of most of the divorce cases we can found that there were no valid reasons behind it.  It is also pertinent to mention here that in most of the cases of divorce a mere counselling can solved it amicably.  But in some cases, we can find valid and genuine marital problems.  The list of the main causes is too big and few of them are-

  • Extra marital affairs or infidelity is the crucial one.
  • Infertility issues,
  • lack of money,
  • lack of intimacy and equality,
  • constant arguing on unrealistic expectations,
  • at last but not the least, family relationships with in-laws, parent, siblings, children and step-children.

How to fix a Broken Marriage

In most of the cases of divorce we can see the ignorance of marital relations. In my view, a pre-marriage/relationship counselling to be enacted without further delay.  While counselling them try to educate the important factors that contribute to a satisfying marriage such as; trust, love, attention, listening each other, commitment, patience, tolerance, respect, honesty, generosity, the ability to see other’s view point, willingness to forgive others, the ability to compromise, and constructive management of arguments/disagreements. Those who have a fair knowledge on these, they will never be quarrelling each other.

However, it may be very difficult for couples to restore their broken marriage relations to a satisfying one when they drift apart.  Failing marriage is the worst thing and a big catastrophe. Yet some of the following may help to recover a failing marriage such as; 

  • at the very least, try to identify the real causes of a broken marriage as it is important to fix one. 
  • thinking back the times that you had fallen in love and believe that still you are loving each other can really help in certain extent to lift your spirits and heal your broken marriage.
  • To be patient with your partner and listen to your partner also try to understand what they want.

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