How to Clear Negative Energy from Our Homes?

The place where we spend most of our time is a home. It should be the place where we feel safe, happy, comfortable etc. But, if there is even a bit of negative energy in your home, it can change the vibe you will feel in your home. You would not want that to happen. This is because, as we spend our time mostly in homes, and if it is a place with a negative vibe, it can pull you to depression and whatnot. Fear not, when I am here! In this article I am going to suggest to you some tips to clear negative energy from your homes. Let’s go!

Salt: Most of you might have heard of this one. Salt has the natural ability to suck negative energy. Keep bowls of sea salt in corners of your, in hidden spots. Use only a small amount. And change them from time to time.

Clean: If your home is very dirty and unorganized, you are paving a way for negative energy to enter. Keep your homes spotless and organize everything. Decorating your home is a very good thing to do.

Your state of mind: If you always enter or stay in your home with a negative vibe, your house will attract negative energy. Learn to let go off things and be happy. It’s not that hard.

Damaged things: Do not keep old, broken things in your home. This is a source of negative energy. throw it away or recycle it.

Fragrance: Burn an incense stick of your favourite fragrance. This will help create a positive aura in your home.

Fun gatherings: Try to have fun with your friends or family in your home by playing board games or anything else. This will help create a positive feeling whenever you think about the spot.

These are some of the things you can do to create a positive vibe in your home. Kill negativity. It’s always better to make peace not war.

Peace out!

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