How Can Enjoy Teens Parenting?

Most of the teens we see nowadays are short-tempered, arrogant and selfish. This is mainly the parents’ problem. A lack of communication between parents and teens can completely change a teen’s behavior. They learn to stay aloof from the world. If you are not too late, you can save them. But if you are, there are still ways to save them but it can take a lot of time, patience and hard work. When your children enter teen-hood, you have to begin shaping things. This time is really enjoyable as they become mature enough and can become your friends. So, how to make it enjoyable? Let’s see.

Talk to them: Always talk to them about your life and interests and also ask them about theirs too. This will really establish a good relationship between you and your teen. Talk to them in a way you talk to your friend.

Have fun together: Go shopping, a film, etc. together. Do crazy things together. This will build a pretty strong bond between you and your teen.

Avoid doing wrong things: As a teen myself, I can say that if a parent does anything bad, we teens would never forget it and will try to keep them as far away as possible. Be good and honest.

Modern: We teens love it when our parents become modern or change according to time. We hate it when you guys cling onto old times. Grow up parents, times have changed!

No yelling: When you give respect, you receive it back. We tend to behave like a mirror. If you respect us, we will respect you.

No ignoring please: Teens hate it when they are ignored. Not only teens, everyone hates it. If you are busy or something, say to them politely that you will talk to them later.

Do this and you will be surprised to find the way your teens behave. They will become your friends for sure, which will make parenting easier.

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