Home remedies for your phone or tablet

How many times has your phone dropped to the ground? Have you ever wet your tablet? Do you have a disgusting screen? Here are several “home” remedies to tune your device to any small setback that may occur. Take note

If you wet your phone

It is one of our worst nightmares when it comes to technology. If your phone gets wet and you’ve tried to dry it as much as possible, bury it in a package of rice. If you depart it there for an afternoon or two (the longer the better) it’s miles very viable.

For scratches

The fine issue to constantly avoid scratching your display is to always use a protector. If you need to make short or homemade equipment, you can use clear adhesive tape or slide paper. If what you have got scratched is the lower back of your tool, an alternative is to buy sandpaper with extraordinarily exceptional grain and rub lightly. Another trick that considerably reduces scratches at the screen is to use toothpaste on it. If you apply it and then remove the remnants of toothpaste with a damp cloth, you will see how the cracks are minimized.

For the falls

The best, obviously, is to have housing. If you do not want to spend a single euro to buy one and you have enough skill, there are tutorials to make your own personalized mobile phone case with cardboard, balloons. And now, you know that you can make your own speaker and even a fountain pen for Mobile with homemade items. You just have to have a little patience and some skill.

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