Good Cleaning Methods for your Home

Do you need cleaning strategies before a move? We know that when we have to change homes, we suffer a lot of stress and anxiety. The feeling of disorder seizes our nerves and everything seems chaos and disorganization.

We have to face the general cleaning of the house we leave and from which we enter to live. Therefore, here are some cleaning strategies before a move that will be very practical and effective.

For starters, although it seems obvious and is common sense, it is good to comment that if you live in a house with two floors, the general cleaning should start with the top floor. In this way, you can finish and leave it perfect to deliver without constantly dirtying the one below.

Also, start cleaning for any room and close it when finished. Do not try to do it all at once, as we could end up messing up what was already clean and messing up what was already organized.

Boxes with labels

If there is something common in every move is the feeling of uncertainty and disorder. Where will that lamp be? Where have we kept those documents? If you do not want to take some dislike of losing something of importance, we advise you to use boxes labeled for each group of goods.

Order and organization are the basis of success in a move. One way to maintain an organized cleaning is to use storage boxes for transportation. You will save time by cleaning if you pack your things with the order, you can even number and write down the general content of each cardboard box.

In every transfer we make in our lives, not only the furniture moves, emotions and feelings are also removed. The attachment for that home, the end of a stage in that neighborhood or city, etc.

Objects also carry a load of emotions in our memories. Therefore, another type of cleaning is to get rid of what you want to leave behind in your life. Past emotions that no longer bring you anything today.

Do not be afraid to part with objects to which you lead a life dusting. Take the opportunity to throw, sell or give away all that somehow ties you to another stage of your life that has already passed.

This is the only thing we have, do not let yourself be conditioned by bad memories and buy some new furniture to start this new story. A new stage begins with hope.

When it comes to cleaning our new home, it can be an uphill job. The amount of corners and objects we have to move is unimaginable and there will also be a lot of dirt that we did not expect.

Set the priority in the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. Dedicate attention to hard-to-reach places to make it more comfortable when you are already installed in your new home. See more about recovering the brightness in kitchens and bathrooms

You can take advantage that the house is clear to clean walls, roof corners, air conditioners, etc. And, above all, the corners of the kitchen and bathroom (screen, drawers, toilet, extractor, etc).

In addition, doing a thorough cleaning also serves to know the state of the house. It is time to see what an arrangement or tuning needs.

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