Causes of Marriage Breakup in the Young Generation

Marriage is a special bonding between two people to stay committed, love each other more and having a responsibility that both can share. Divorce has become more common in the young generation due to many reasons. Previously it only used to be body relation infidelity the reason for a marriage breakup. However, with current-generation research has shown that communication problem is on top of the list for marriage breakups. In this article, let us see other reasons for the causes of marriage failure in young couples.

Lack of independence: An entirely co-dependent relationship is never healthy. If you depend on your partner for everything and can’t do things comfortably without him/her you will eventually forget your favorite food, music or books. You will feel lost.

No shared vision: You both might not have a similar vision. You might be a saver and your partner might be a spender. This drives both of you crazy and thinks that marriage doesn’t work out. You should both discuss and come to a common ground to work the relationship out.

Wrong reasons: Some people marry just for some attributes like money, and the most common factor is that you think that this is the right marriage. These can be reasons like your family expecting you to live happily ever after, or you just spent so much on engagement. But, these reasons shouldn’t be a cause of your marriage. Your marriage should happen because you love and trust the other guy.

Too much involved with roles: Most people when they have children, soon forget that they have a partner and focus entirely on the children. Eventually, when children leave for their own lives, you realize that you don’t have any relation with your partner.

The disappearance of intimacy: Few people have expectations of their partner regarding intimacy. Maybe a female wants romance to feel romantically receptive and men require body relation receptivity to feel romantic. There should be a middle ground to not lose their intimacy.

Expectations: The more common reason for the breakup is having some expectations on a partner which the partner may not satisfy at that point in time. They start complaining, criticizing, blaming the other to get the things done. When the partners don’t do things with love but due to force, it eventually leads to a disaster marriage.

  • Different interests: No two people match their own interests completely. Having some shared interests and passion is important for a successful marriage. If you both have different interests try to learn your partner’s interests and find common ground. Otherwise, it leads to a disaster.
  • Conflicts: Every couple has to deal with conflicts in some way or the other. If you don’t deal with your disagreements there is no point in marrying the person. You should develop some rules that each person has to respect the other one and listen.

These are some of the major causes that are leading to a failed marriage. Go through them and remember these points when you encounter any of these situations in life. See more about 7 Things to Do From Your Wife

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