16 Simple Tips for Your Home

In all households, unexpected situations arise that need to be solved at the moment, fortunately, there are several homemade tips that can help us make good decisions to solve these small needs or to facilitate some of the household chores. Here are several of these tricks and tips:

  1. Carpet like new every day

To keep the carpet always a clean and bright place in a bucket warm water, a splash of ammonia and the juice of cucumber, then pass a cloth embedded in this preparation over the mat, you will see how it collects all the dirt.

2. Zero humidity in the closets

In all the closets distributes small pieces of chalk that will be responsible for completely absorbing moisture. Try it also by placing cloth bags full of rice.

3. To clean the bathroom cancel glass

For this task use baby oil, they will be very clean. You can also use it to clean metal sinks, remove water stains and soap deposits.

4. Bright bathroom furniture

It is common that over time the toilet loses brightness. To make it look like new you just have to heat vinegar, spread it on the walls of the bathroom furniture with a dry cloth and see how they will recover their original color.

5. Finish the shine in pants

It is common that when ironing the pants are those unsightly black glitters. To disappear, rub the garment with a sponge soaked in white vinegar, then put on a white cloth soaked in water and drained and iron with the cloth on top, the glitters will disappear.

6. For a scented bedroom

So that your favorite room is always scented, spray the lamp bulbs with a little of your favorite perfume and you’ll see that when you turn it on it will smell very good due to the effect of heat.

7. About mushrooms

To remove the fungi from the baths, in a bucket with water (approximately 10 liters) add two chlorine caps and a fist of salt and with a brush, rub everything thoroughly. Goodbye mushrooms.

8. Rust stains on clothes

When there are rust spots on the clothes, add a few drops of lemon on the stain and put the garment in the sun. You will see how they disappear.

9. Glass cleaning tips

Put in a bowl hot or warm water and pour a good stream of vinegar. Clean the glass with clean rags, they will glow. Another technique used by the stained glass is to soak a clean cloth with white vinegar and go through the surface. If you want you can pass another towel to retouch. It is a technique of several centuries.

10. Goodbye to the cold bed

This can be remedied if you place a wool blanket under the bottom sheet. This is particularly useful in the winter season when the beds become colder than usual.

11. Goodbye to smells in the refrigerator

If your refrigerator emits a bad smell, introduce a small dish with a piece of hard bread or coffee scraps. Let it act for a couple of days, remove it and renew the bread or coffee. The smell will disappear. Other alternatives are: placing a container with a little milk and a slice of lemon inside; keep a bottle of mineral water open without gas; introduce a few pieces of charcoal; Or store a bowl with a handful of baking soda in the freezer. Smells will not mix.

12. Mirror Antifog

So that the mirrors do not fog up when you use the shower, rub them with a little shampoo for the hair and they will not fog for a good time.

13. Remove rust from scissors

If you have some rusty scissors, try rubbing them with half an onion. They will work perfectly.

14. Impeccable bathtub

It is cleaned very well with hot vinegar. If it has yellow spots you can remove them by applying a mixture made with the juice of a lemon and two teaspoons of fine salt. If the bathtub is covered, mix in a bowl two tablespoons of soda and two of salt, add water and with a spoon dissolve well. Pour the mixture into the drain and let it act for half an hour. Then deposit very hot water down the drain and the problem will be solved.

15. How to clean the jewelry

Prepare a bowl, fill it with cola and dip your jewelry. In 20 minutes you take them out and rinse with water, they will be very bright.

16. Against burns

Use glycerin for hand burns. Prevents blisters and acts as a humectant. Another good option, recommended by a doctor, is to make a paste by mixing alcohol and baking soda. The pain disappears and leaves no marks. Another solution is to open the freezer immediately and place the affected part on anything that is there, (vegetable bags, ice cubes, etc., or on the same freezer grids by pressing lightly for a continuous minute, the burning disappears completely and there will be no blister.

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